Peaches grown on farms in northern North Carolina

Summer is the peach season in South Carolina. The state is the second largest peach producer in the country and the leading peach producer in the southeast. There are many peach growers in the northern region that sell directly to the public. Here are some popular places to find those delicious farm fresh peaches.
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The family-run Abbott Farms has been selling selected, tree-shaped peaches in the northern region for more than 50 years. They also sell watermelon, cantaloupe, peanuts, jam, salsa and cider. There are six convenient locations in the area.
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Spartanburg is located near Exit I-26 of Exit 22, and there are two locations in Cowpens, exiting north and south of Exit 83 at I-85. The Gaffney store is located at Exit 92 of I-85, while the Boiling Springs store is located at Exit 75 of I-85. The newest location is in Florence, South Carolina, at Exit 157 of I-95. Summer is open from Monday to Saturday. From 7 am to 8 pm.
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Perdeaux Fruit Farm sells peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, blackberries and raspberries. They also offer a variety of locally grown vegetables, preserves, honey, applesauce and cider. The retail store is located north of Greenville, at 2400 Hwy 11 at Traveler's Rest. The time is from 10 am to 5:30 pm Wednesday to Saturday and from 12:30 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday.
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Strawberry USA is a family-run farm located at Chesney 3097 Hwy 11. There is also a retail store next to the I-85 interstate on the 90th exit of Gaffney. They offer carefully selected strawberries in the spring and peaches and blackberries in the summer. Bread, salsa, honey, jam and fruit wine are also available. Breakfast and lunch are served in the on-site café. There is also an ice cream parlour at each location. The time is from 8 am to 8 pm every day.
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The Peach Orchard is located in Yorkshire’s Filbert Hwy in 2077 and sells 25 peaches from June to September. Buyers can buy fruit from a roadside store or pick their own yellow or white walnuts. Jams, jellies and salsa sauce are also available. Ice cream parlors serve sundae, floating food and milkshakes. The time is from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday and 1-6 pm on Sunday.
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Spring Farm Peach Stand is located at 1325 Hwy 160W in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Their smaller farm market location is about three miles above Springfield Pkwy.
They sell peaches, nectarines, strawberries and blackberries by season. They also carry other locally produced produce, honey, barbecue sauces and seasonings. Shoppers can enjoy a snack at the on-site restaurant, bakery or ice cream parlour. The time is from 6 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday, 8 am to 9 pm on Saturday and 8 am to 8 pm on Sunday.

Visit the Greenville, South Carolina with the kids

Greenville, South Carolina, offers many family-friendly attractions in the state’s scenic Upper State. Visitors will find many activities with the children. Some of the favorite choices include the Greenville Zoo, Discovery Island Water Park and the North State Children’s Museum. For some sports, participate in the Greenville Avenue baseball game.
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The Greenville Zoo is located in the eastern part of downtown Cleveland Park. Visitors will discover wildlife around the world, including primates, elephants, giraffes, lions and leopards. The zoo is home to more than 350 animals. One of the newest residents of the zoo is the little giraffe named Kiko, who was born in October 2012. The Greenville Zoo is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Admission fee is $ 8.75 for adults and $ 5.50 for 3-15 years old. Available facilities at Cleveland Park include a picnic area and a playground.
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Discovery Island Water Park is one of three water parks owned by the Greenville County Recreation Area. The park features a relaxing swimming pool, two water slides and a drifting river. The FlowRider is a simulated surf machine that allows visitors to practice drinking and boarding and surfing. Lifeguards are always on duty. The water park is located at 417 Baldwin Road in Southside Park, Simpsonville. Admission is $12 for guests 48 inches or more and $8 for children under 48 inches. Parking is available from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and on Sundays from 1-5:30 pm.
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The North Children’s Museum is one of Greenville’s newest attractions. Interactive exhibits focus on art, science, health and nutrition, the environment and the humanities. Children can explore space travel on 3, 2, 1 Blast Off! Show. They can use cameras and phone reminders in WTCM studios. The Talkin trash exhibition tells the story of recycling and preservation. Kaleidoscope climbers are a favorite exhibition. Young children can play water games at the toddler’s lily pond. The Northern Children’s Museum is located at 300 University Street, Greenville. Summer time is from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday, and from 11 am to 5 pm on Sunday. Admission is $10 for adults and $9 for children aged 2-12.

The whole family can have fun at the Greenville Avenue baseball game at Fluor Stadium in the West End. The team is an A-level member of the Boston Red Sox. They played in the South Atlantic League. Ticket prices are very reasonable, ranging from $5 for grass seats to $8 for private seats. Fluor Stadium is located at 945 S. Main Street. The county square has free parking and a free shuttle to the stadium.

Greenville, South Carolina – one of the most delicious towns in the south

Greenville, South Carolina is one of the ten cities recently nominated from

Southern life from

 The magazine is one of the most delicious towns in the South. from

Southern life from

 Readers will vote on their first choice. A variety of culinary choices and the lush Reed River in downtown Greenville make Greenville's dining experience enjoyable. Gourmets will love some of the popular dining venues.

Lazy goats specialize in Mediterranean cuisine, including Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant is located on the 170 River Plaza in the West End of Greenville, overlooking the River Ride. The open kitchen and public seating make Lazy Goat a social dining experience. Main dishes include Moroccan lamb, chicken paella, pizza, muska, spiced hummus and a variety of cheeses. It is known for its “Start from scratch” menu. Lazy goats are open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Deveraux is located in a former cigar factory at 25 Court Street in downtown Greenville. The menu is contemporary American cuisine, influenced by Asia, France and the South. There are two types of menus: the “Guest Selection” menu and the “Chef Tasting” menu, which contains 5-10 chefs' personal selections. Deveraux was selected as the top 100 of Open Table Diner's Choice in 2011 and 2012. Encourage booking.

The Green Room is located in a century building at 116 Broadway. The restaurant has a "shangzhou leisure" feel and a varied menu. Specialties include homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, seafood, steaks, patties and lowland crab cakes. Breakfast is served on weekends.

Ford's Oyster House and Cajun Kitchen offer fresh oysters, abalone, crayfish etoufee, mixed rice, okra soup and shrimp and semolina to provide authentic flavors for New Orleans. The atmosphere is casual. Ford's Oyster House is located at 631 West Street and serves lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.

The Ristorante Bergamo restaurant offers Northern Italian cuisine, wines and spirits for more than 25 years. Chef Nello Gioia focuses on organic ingredients as well as classic and original sauces. Fresh seafood is brought daily. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday for dinner and it is recommended to book.

The menu at Breakwater Restaurant and Bar focuses on seasonal and fresh local ingredients. Breakwaters chefs Beth Shaw and Gary Lang use modern methods of low-level country cuisine using fresh seafood from the Carolina coast. The menu offers tapas, large plates, burgers and main dishes such as stewed pork ribs and lamb patties. The restaurant is located at 802 South Street.

Piscata Covered Bridge, North Carolina

The Pisgah Covered Bridge is located in Randolph County, North Carolina, in the western part of the state and is actually a rare attraction in the state. The bridge spans the creek and can be found on the map of Pisgah and Uwharrie National Forest near I-74. It is easy to get there by car and can be accessed via exit 49 of US 229 and I-74.

History of the bridge

Originally built in 1911, the bridge is made of wood and is 54 feet long. The original builder was JJ Welch; the bridge is now designated as a federal historic landmark and is banned from traffic, and it is indeed a lost bridge in North Carolina.

There have been recent incidents of graffiti-staining bridges. However, the bridge is still open to visitors who can park nearby and walk to the site.

To reach the Pisgah Covered Bridge from Exit 49, you will need to drive south along Highway 134 until you reach Burney Road. Turn right onto Pisgah Covered Bridge Road; one should drive right, about a mile, and they will drive to the parking lot and the bridge.

You can also go hiking on the nearby trail, which runs through the forest.

Nearby cities and other area attractions

There are many other attractions in the Pisgah area. Asheboro is nearby and has a famous zoo, the North Carolina Zoo. Here you can experience dinosaurs, adventure, education and protection. The family will find special events, such as an annual event or "save our snake." Earth Day is also a celebration here. In October, HOWL-O-Ween and Batology and Boo at the zoo were brought. There have been many incidents throughout the year.

Other exciting cities can be found in western North Carolina and experience a wealth of culture and outdoor attractions. Asheville has the special feel of a college town, and its location in Black Mountain brings a wonderful tree colour in the fall. Art galleries, shopping and dining venues can be found here. The travel time between Pisgah and Asheville is about three hours. Less than two hours from Pisgah, Charlotte offers shopping, dining and experience, as well as a variety of hotels and motels. The map of North Carolina shows how easy it is to get to these wonderful areas. Western North Carolina is known for its natural beauty and forested areas for a wonderful holiday.

Family-friendly hotels in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a coastal community in South Carolina and one of the world's top golf resorts. If you plan a golf holiday and want to include the whole family, then you will find many family-friendly hotels that offer a variety of options for your entire family. Stay and stay at Myrtle Beach is not to be missed.

Barefoot Villa is one of the most acclaimed golf-side villas for your family holiday. It overlooks the scenic golf course and offers a variety of amenities. This resort has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, enough for the whole family to enjoy and have their own space. These units also have a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and dryer. Most importantly, families like to wash clothes and eat with their children. There are shuttles to beach huts, swimming pools, cooking areas, tennis courts, basketball courts and volleyball courts, as well as access to the four championship golf courses in the area. For the family, this is a great place to have fun and relax, but still be central to golf.

Another option for golfside is the World Tour's big villa. This resort has one, two, three and four bedroom apartments that are perfect for families of all sizes. Each unit also features a gourmet kitchen with views of the golf course and surrounding scenery. This is a full-service resort so you can enjoy the privacy of your apartment but enjoy the convenience of a full resort. Your family will be able to relax in privacy, but still enjoy the resort-style experience and surrounded by beautiful golf courses.

Your family has more accommodation options near the golf course near Myrtle Beach Golf Resort. You can be in the heart of all golf, but still have a holiday that is fun for the whole family. In fact, no matter what your family size, budget or golfing preferences, you can almost find what you need. Choosing this golf capital must provide one of the many golf-side accommodations for your family, making your stay in Myrtle Beach a reminiscent of a family vacation.

Visit the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina

The Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina is a great place to experience performances and visual arts, science and history. It is owned and operated by the Greater Spartanburg Art Cooperation Organization and is located at 200 John Street, east of the city centre. The complex consists of three buildings on a five-acre campus. The Chapman Cultural Center opened in 2007 but has been in business for 17 years.

The Spartanburg Art Cooperation Organization consists of several institutions. These include Artists' Spartanburg Guild, Spartanburg Ballet, Carolina Hawthorn Craftsman Center, Spartanburg Music Foundation, Spartanburg Art Museum, Spartanburg County Historical Society, Spartanburg Small Theatre and Spartanburg Youth Theatre, Spartanburg Repertory Theatre and Spartanburg Science Center.

There are several exhibition and museum areas in the building. These include the artist ' Guild Gallery, SAM Gallery, Spartanburg Regional History Museum and Spartanburg Science Center. A separate entrance fee will be charged for each museum or gallery.

The Chapman Cultural Center Complex consists of three buildings. The Carlos Moseley building houses the Regional History Museum, the Artist' Guild Gallery, the SAM [Spartanburg Art Gallery] Art Gallery and the ticket office. The theatre complex in the center of the complex includes the David Reed Theatre and the Black Box Theatre. The Montgomery Building features the Spartanburg Science Center and the Spartanburg Dance Centre.

The special training camp in July includes the Music Theatre Training Camp on July 5-9 in Grades 4-12 and the Senior Performance Camp on July 12-16 in Grades 8-12. At 7:00 pm on July 10th, the classic movie "Jaws" will be shown on the big screen. The artist's guild gallery will hold wax and oil paintings of Carol Beth Icard from July 1st to 28th. The Spartanburg Art Gallery will showcase the bronze wild animal sculptures of the Swedish artist Kent Ullberg on a national tour from July 13th to 31st.

For tickets, please call [864] 542-ARTS. For additional information, please visit the Center's website at

Shopping attracts visitors to historic Newbury, South Carolina

The mix of antique shops and specialty stores attracts visitors to Newbury, South Carolina. The refurbished buildings of the historic downtown area have a variety of interesting shops for you to explore. The City Center Memorial Park is a great place to relax and shop. When shoppers prepare lunch or dinner, there are many restaurants nearby. This is some of Newberry's most popular shopping destinations.

Newberry has long been a sacred place for antique lovers. There are many shops and antique shopping centres in the city centre. Located on 1409 Main Street, Eurolux Antiques offers beautiful, high-quality antique furniture, antique collectibles and home décor accessories. The store specializes in French and Chinese furniture, clocks, vintage lighting and hand-painted Majolica. They also carry King Henry antique replica furniture. The owner became interested in fine European antiques while living abroad. Eurolux offers free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Highly valued packaging and handling to ensure safe access to items.

Other Newberry antique shops include Main Street at Main Street, located at 1213 Main Street, and As Time Goes By, at Main Street 1304. The Prissy's Newberry Antique Mall on Main Street 1014 offers furniture, porcelain and vintage lighting.

Carolina gifts and collectibles are located at 1110 Main Street. Shoppers will find a variety of jewels including Troll Beads, Chamilia and Da Vinci. This store has Lug tote bags and travel accessories, novel T-shirts, cute flip-flops, Crocs and mercority and university logo items. Another gift shop nearby, Out on Whim, is located at Main Street 1118. Shoppers will find Vera Bradley's wide range of items, including handbags, accessories and baby gifts. The store also sells candles, bath products, Brighton wallets and jewellery, home décor and garden accessories. One of Newberry's newest stores is The Gallery, located at 1104 Caldwell Street. Browse beautiful artwork, home décor and unique jewellery here. The store is open from 11 am to 6 pm Wednesday through Saturday.

The local artist Nick Davenport’s art gallery is located at 1,200 Main Street. Newberry natives draw wildlife, landscapes and beach views from Carolinas. Davenport's work has won various awards. The gallery sells his originals and prints.

Shop owner Beth Hipp offers fashionable women's clothing, accessories and jewellery at Elizabeth, 1212 Elizabeth Street, Maine. The store is open from 10:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and from Saturday to 3 pm. Denim Express, located at 1308 Main Street, houses jeans for both men and women. Shoppers will find other family outfits, including men's golf shirts, women's wear and fashion accessories. Blackman 's Jewelry has been a full-service jewelry store for Newberry for 20 years. They specialize in diamonds and custom designs, as well as the repair of house jewellery. Blackman is located at 1214 Main Street and is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Planning our day is a unique studio that offers custom handmade invitations for weddings and other special events. Designer Michelle led the client through the design process, creating a unique invitation and stationery for their special day. She created an invitation for customers from the region. Plan our day at 1101 Boyce Street.

North Carolina Bed and Breakfast lets you enjoy the South

North Carolina is a state-of-the-art state that has used strategic battlefields since the first flight to become a major tobacco and cotton grower and during the Civil War. When you visit North Carolina, the charm of the South will cover you, as well as those who are always amazed by tourists and full of the famous "Southern hospitality."

To truly experience North Carolina, the best place to go for its history and residents is the bed and breakfast. The hotel is informal and just offers a place to sleep. However, bed and breakfast in North Carolina is like walking into a home that has been cleaned and specially prepared for you. This is a homemade dish cooked with old recipes, so you remember that eating is also a kind of entertainment and really let You have the innkeeper who is at home. From the historic Wilmington Coastal area to the extraordinary mountains of Asheville, there are thousands of bed and breakfasts in North Carolina, but you will always feel at home and be inspired by the history of the hotel, freshly baked The food and the owner of the hotel who is interested in winemaking are welcome to be family members for a day or two, and you can also allow your privacy as needed.

In addition to Wilmington and Asheville, some of North Carolina's most famous areas include Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Winston Salem, Fayetteville, Durham, Charlotte, and many other countries. capital. All of these cities have award-winning bed and breakfast, so whether you are traveling for business or leisure, you want to stay in a North Carolina bed and breakfast instead of a regular hotel.

The problem when you visit North Carolina is to choose which accommodation to stay in when considering a particular city trip. However, this is not a problem, as you can browse the various available bed and breakfasts on the Internet and make reservations in the way that best suits your budget and personality. The next time you travel to Talhill, provide an opportunity for bed and breakfast in North Carolina, and you will never choose to stay in a regular hotel.

Myrtle Beach Hotel – Sand Dunes Marriott Resort

Enjoy a great time at the Grand Sands Marriott Resort & Spa! This paradise provides a great environment for all types of guests, whether they are on Myrtle Beach or on a business trip. It provides guests with business-friendly accommodation and facilities, making it an ideal choice for all types of travellers. It can be located at 8400 Costa Verde Drive in Myrtle Beach. The hotel is close to Broadway on the beach, barefoot landings and the Tangier factory outlet store.

At Marriott Resort & Spa, guests can take part in a variety of holiday activities offered by management. Here you can play golf, tennis, use the fitness centre, indoor and outdoor pools and enjoy the Hibiscus Spa! Is there anything more relaxing than getting a soothing massage? Each room offers free wired and wireless Internet access, a spacious work desk, dual line telephone with voicemail and speakerphone, beautiful sea views and plush bedding.

You can stay at this hotel and save some money by using the special packages offered in it! The Marriott Resort & Spa offers three package options ranging from $144 to $330. The wake-up and breakfast-included package at Myrtle Beach is a great deal, including deluxe rooms and a full buffet breakfast for two adults and children. This is the perfect choice for families of all ages!

Another available offer is a Myrtle Beach tour with a resort coupon ticket! In this package, the hotel will provide you with a credit of $100 to $300, which you can use for free for food, beverages, spa services and gift shops. The longer you stay at the hotel, the more points you can accumulate! It will easily include a partial ocean view room, as well as a choice of three nights and get a $100 holiday voucher, five nights and get a $200 holiday voucher, or up to 7 nights and a $300 holiday voucher. However, the points awarded to you cannot be used for your room and tax.

For great relaxation and physical care, you may want to take advantage of Escape! Hibiscus Spa Credit Package in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After staying at the Marriott Resort & Spa, you will receive a $100 spa voucher to purchase spa treatments or other products purchased throughout your stay. Depending on your preference, the package will include a resort view or partial sea view accommodation.

In addition to the packages offered, you can save money in more than 2 ways, such as making online reservations and enjoying Marriott Premium and Corporate Promotions. With an online reservation, the Marriott Resort & Spa will reward you with points you can use while staying at the hotel. In addition, the hotel also offers airfare, car and holiday packages for guests to use.

Marriott Resort & Spa has a great time at Myrtle Beach!

North Myrtle Beach Beach Hotel

Myrtle Beach is a beautiful city located in Horry County, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is known for its 60-mile long sandy beach known as the “Big Beach”.

The birthplace of South Carolina State Dance, the rags and the home of Manna White Beach in Myrtle North Beach, is just a few hours drive from historic day trip destinations such as Charleston, South Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina.

From north to south, the city is divided into five beaches, namely Cherry Grove, Tilghman, Ocean Drive, Cresent Beach and Windy Hill.

The beautiful Myrtle Beach is a major tourist destination on the South Atlantic coast of the United States, with its wide beaches, numerous challenging Myrtle Beach golf courses, great seafood restaurants, Myrtle Beach Hotel, Myrtle Beach Famous for holiday homes and outlets. Style shopping activities. The city attracts more than 14 million visitors every year.

The exquisite North Myrtle Beach Hotel, North Myrtle Beach Holiday Home and North Myrtle Beach Apartments are known for their stunning scenery.

There is no doubt that Myrtle North Beach is an ideal destination, but it is always wise to determine the map before visiting these places and their hotels, vacation homes, apartments, and holiday homes. Proper planning and knowledge can save a lot of money.

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