Spartanburg Regional Reserve

The Spartanburg Regional Conservation Area [SPACE] is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and retaining green spaces and natural areas for the public to enjoy. The main focus of the reserve is the Pacolet Watershed, which is the source of most of Spartanburg's drinking water. In addition, protected areas protect animal habitats and historically important property. This is an overview of some of the major assets protected by the Spartanburg Area Conservancy.

The Edwin M. Griffin Nature Reserve protects 115 acres of land at 1.5 miles from Lawson's Fork Creek and smaller tributaries. The nature reserve is the site of the first project of the sanctuary, the "Shamrock Trail". The reserve is a protected habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. More than five miles of trails provide visitors with the place to enjoy nature in the green spaces of the city. The Griffin Nature Reserve is located near Spartanburg High School. You can enter the clover path from below Beechwood Drive or the high school tennis court. The reserve is open from dawn to dusk.

The Glendale Shoal Reserve includes 13 acres of protected land, including the old Glendale facility on the Lawson Fork. This area used to be home to a large cotton factory and a mill for workers. The picturesque waterfall tumbling over the small dam on site.

Chinquapin Greenway takes up 36 acres of upstream water from Chinquapin Creek [a tributary of Lawson's Fork Creek]. The greenway includes a 1.6-mile walk. Dwarf leaf, a rare protected plant, can be found here. The Greenway is located opposite the Milliken Research Park across Milliken Road. Business hours are Saturday and Sunday, from dawn to dusk.

The Pacolet River Heritage Trust covers 258 acres and is located near the Pacolet River and Lawson's Fork Creek. Visitors can follow the forest and along the river trails. The property features two ancient soapstone quarries. The Pacolet River Reserve is located to the east of Spartanburg, just off Highway 108 on Goldmine Road.

Peter's Creek Heritage Trust is located three miles above the Pacolet River. The reserve covers 156 acres and has 3.6 miles of trails through forests and streams. A trail takes visitors to the 100-year-old Martin Mill Dam. In the late 1800s, there was a factory building on the site. The reserve is located near the intersection of Gossett Road and Kelly Road north of Spartanburg.

SPACE also protects many of the smaller easements along other streams in the area. The Spartanburg Nature Reserve cooperates with other nature reserves, including the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Nature Reserve. They are members of the Land Trust Alliance, a national organization representing 1,600 land trusts in the United States.

Large Nature Reserve Protects South Carolina's Habitat

The Nature Conservancy protects sensitive environmental areas and protects natural habitats around the world. There are several protected lands in South Carolina. Not all of these areas of management are open to the public; however, there are three protected areas in different parts of the state that are accessible to the public. The Heihe Nature Reserve, the Peach Tree Rock Heritage Reserve and the Nine Time Protected Area are popular areas for wildlife watching and other outdoor activities.

In the lowlands near Georgetown, the Heihe Reserve covers an area of ​​1,736 acres. The area close to the coast is one of the best canoe and kayak destinations in the state. The Black River flows through floodplain forests and towering cypress trees. The area is popular with fishermen and birdwatchers. Birds found in protected areas include ducks, woodpeckers and original snoringbirds. The Heihe Sanctuary is an important breeding ground for swallowtail kites, an endangered black and white raptor. The access to the sanctuary is just off Highway 41 near Andrewstown.

A smaller protected area open to the public is the 460-acre Peachtree Rock Heritage Reserve in Sandhills. The reserve is named after an unusual sandstone formation, similar to an inverted pyramid. The lower layer of the formation corrodes at a faster rate than the upper layer, making its appearance unstable. It is forbidden to climb on the peach tree rock. In addition to Taoshuyan, the hotel also has a small waterfall. Visitors can walk 5 miles and 1.5 miles through the sanctuary. A variety of plant communities were found on the protected area and various birds were observed. The property was previously a research facility at the Department of Biology at the University of South Carolina. The Peachtree Heritage Reserve is located a few miles southwest of Columbia, near Edwardtown.

The 9-hour sanctuary is a beautiful 560-acre site in the Upper State area near Pickenstown. The reserve is located at the intersection of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Piedmont. One side of the hotel is bordered by Nine Time Creek and features unique rock outcrops and five mountain ranges. This is an important biological property of plant communities and wildlife habitats. The reserve records more than 100 wildflowers. A new 1.7-mile hiking trail is popular among birdwatchers, who can observe a variety of songbirds, tanagers, Vilnius, indigo bunting and eastern mops. This mountain is also the home of the black bear. The reservation is located on the E Preston McDaniel road.

Comment – Murder in the Marine Forest

Robert "Diggers" Cartwright, Maritime Forest Murder, 2006, ISBN 1425707696

This is a mystery of murder in South Carolina during World War II. This is a better couple who will never get married between husband and wife.

Terence and Faye Underwood take the train to the Ocean Forest, a very high-end resort on the coast. Faye believes that Terence is a continuous adulter, and despite his constant protests, they are constantly looking for women who have private relationships with them. They are all members of the upper class, so divorce, not to mention loudly arguing in the debates that others may hear; the scandal will be overwhelming.

A few days later, Terence went hunting alone, while Faye rode along the beach. A few hours later, the horse returned without her. Led by hotel detective Feltus le Bon, a hard search along the beach. Faye's red scarf and some blood were found near a quicksand. The next day, Terence was forced to show Fetus his exact hunting location. It turns out that it is only a few yards away from the quicksand. For Terence, it would be easy to shoot Feyer with the gun he carried and then throw her into the quicksand, so that he has more illegal things to deal with. The next morning, things got more complicated, when Fetus took a wanted order at Terence and found him murdered in bed.

After further investigation, Fetus focused on Pastor Cooper, a pastor who engaged in illegal activities, the old blind Elizabeth Bascomb, and Lord Ashbourne from England. Madame, all of these have good reasons to die for Terence Underwood. Feltus tried several ways to increase the pressure and hoped that the guilty party could break down. Although all of this is going on, the area has been hit by a hurricane.

This is indeed a good mystery, but I think it is going too slowly. The first death did not occur until halfway through the book. I understand the author's intentions and fully agree that not all mysteries of murder must develop at an alarming rate. The author certainly knows what he is doing. I think if the first half of the story moves faster than it, I would like it more.

USS Yorktown Day Tour

There is a World War II aircraft carrier in the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. It is the Yorktown. If you have visited the Charleston area or even the southeastern United States, you will enjoy a day trip to explore the Yorktown. I visited a visit a few years ago. I want to take my son and daughter. They like this trip like me.

When visiting Yorktown, be sure to set aside a day. There is also a submarine, destroyer and a Vietnamese fire base at the Yorktown scene. When we visit, we will try to see all three naval vessels and Vietnamese fire bases at the same time. We can solve all the problems, but we are a little anxious. There are too many things to see and there is too much history to watch. If you take the time to understand all the history and read all the display, it will be difficult to cross Yorktown in one day.

The entrance to the Yorktown aircraft carrier is long. This huge grey World War II aircraft carrier emerges from behind the Palmetto tree as you travel along the last corner. This is the most wonderful sight. It’s amazing how big a boat can float! I know that today's flat top is bigger! The next truly amazing attraction is the new Cooper River Bridge, which you will see on the right side of Yorktown.

We spent a whole day exploring the huge tablet platform. On the cockpit deck, there are anti-air deck guns, jets and helicopters, and enjoy stunning views of Charleston Harbour. On the hangar deck are several old World War II aircraft with many historical displays for reading. As you walk down the lower deck, you'll see sleeping areas, cafeterias, mechanic shops, wards, bathrooms and bridges, and many other historic sites.

After exploring under the deck, we returned to the cockpit and began to walk along the tower. Here you will find the communication room, the flight control room, the flight preparation room and the bridge where the captain spends all the time. Completed many steep stairs to climb here! After spending most of the day on the Yorktown, we entered the submarine, passed it, ran to the destroyer, stayed there for a while, and then crossed the fire support base in Vietnam. After a day of climbing the stairs of the Second World War aircraft carrier, you can be sure that there will be a wonderful night soon!

Children's holiday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Vacationing with children can be challenging, but even the slimtest children can be child-friendly in the beautiful Myrtle Beach in South Carolina with energy and passion. Type vacation. Trying to find what everyone can do, treating everyone as a nightmare, and a nightmare in the middle of Dadong Street can completely avoid this nightmare. These trips are a great family business, and the city's quaint southern hospitality makes it a great place for children.

It is an understatement to say that Myrtle Beach can provide a lot of things for children, because there are a lot of things to do with the children on the road. A typical Myrtle Beach holiday can begin with a fish bottom walk at Ripley's Aquarium, home to some of the most fascinating creatures from around the world, including marine life from the Atlantic Ocean. . This state of the art facility is located on Broadway on the beach and is home to the Hard Rock Restaurant. You can spend lunch time on the opposite Hard Rock, which prevents those calves from getting too tired and keeping them away from the car. How about an afternoon as a NASCAR driver? The NASCAR amusement park is a great way for older children to spend the afternoon. If the kids are still small, then really like to drive a car, then go to one of the other two amusement parks. The Family Kingdom Amusement Park is located on the ocean and has an excellent water park – as well as a wooden roller coaster, Ferris wheel and more. There are many learning opportunities to pretend to be a turtle sanctuary and a living tiger museum – of course, children don't want to spend a day building sand castles in the sun.

On vacation, you can easily find a holiday-friendly resort, as most resorts are full of activities that will make Myrtle Beach's holiday an unforgettable experience. All resorts have swimming pools [indoor and outdoor], and many resorts have mean rivers flowing in and out of the hotel where children can play and ride the river. Some resorts have to pay special attention to ensure that their youngest guests have the best time ever, and that mom and dad often come back.

When traveling with children, there are many steps you can take to prepare for your trip, which will make your child travel and enjoy your holiday in Myrtle Beach, including:

– Take sunscreen. Wind and surf can only exacerbate the effects of sunlight on the skin, which makes sunscreen important. If you want to buy a good sunscreen product when you get home, you will have to pay more – so bring some home products.

– If you are traveling to this area, pack some interesting things to your child to do in the car so that he or she is bored. Handheld video games are great for taking up kids and distracting them from spending time on the road.

– Bring extra pillows and blankets to make your sleep on Myrtle Beach more comfortable.

– Encourage your child to provide them with a camera to record your experience going back and forth. They will also provide an explosion photo for your family while enjoying a holiday in Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach is the hottest destination for children on the East Coast because there is plenty of entertainment. Your child will most likely see the days spent on a Myrtle Beach vacation as the best memories of childhood.

Introduction to England 101

As a writer, my desk seems to be full of messy notes, papers, file folders and edited manuscripts. During my last finishing, I stumbled across a group of 40 strangers, and you really stood in the middle of the back row, with the thatched roof as the backdrop. I am staring at it now, recalling the group of nostalgia with sour and bitterness. They are strangers to me, but after 11 days in England by bus, I remember them deeply.

When I told my father that I wanted to travel to the UK, he said in Yorkshire's heavy accent: "What does Dill want to go there?" The best time is not Mr. Happy, he is low on his motherland. . What I want to answer is: "I want to know if your psychological problem is social or personal," but I am still persistent. I am determined to visit the land of my ancestors one day.

I listed for him many reasons for visiting the UK. The main reason is that in addition to being British through citizenship rather than citizenship, the country has a huge influence on modern culture. From the birthplace of many prominent figures from Shakespeare to Churchill, the country has numerous famous historical names in every field. Just because he is not one of them, there is no reason to make them all sour.

Just like holding an octopus, people have to choose how to approach the UK. You can purchase any number of rail passes at a reasonable price so that you can get on and off at any time. There are many options, from hiking in London to guided bicycle tours, or renting motorcycles and bed and breakfasts. The problem is figuring out which one is best for you. Finally, I chose a guided tour in England, ignoring Wales and Scotland, and I believe both places are great, but they will be extended for another 10 days.

A friend who traveled on the coach recommended it to me. After a while, the reason becomes obvious. The British drove across the road, and after a lifetime of habits of making easy turns here, they suddenly became extremely dangerous. Once you see the narrowness of certain roads, you will appreciate the driving skills of the driver. To make things easier, we have planned your itinerary. On the first day, you will see Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral, live in Plymouth's hotel, depart in the morning to continue to explore Devon and Cornwall, and more.

Please note that travel in the catalog is often [or not even yearly] changed. The tour I decided to participate a year ago is no longer available. I settled in England on the 11th. The coach will leave London and rotate clockwise along the country, stopping in quaint villages and towns along the way. The footsteps are listed as "busy" trips, and the code indicates that it is not completely laid back. Sometimes, when we stop, we only have time to buy coffee, use the restroom, and then return to the bus. Slower speed means you will be able to spend more time at each site, but it also means you can accommodate fewer sites in the same time period. So if you stop at Bletchley Park on a “busy” tour, it's best to know the subtractive encryption in 20 seconds, otherwise you will return to Germany, and there is no complete paint on the German Enigma machine. Design your own tour like this; if you are interested, you can stop as you wish.

The coaching trip can be considered an "Introduction to England 101". They provide you with an overview and you can decide the purpose of your next visit as you wish. Another good thing about England is that they speak English there. Ok, they are outside of London. In London, it is difficult to find other British people other than the Queen. In fact, in England, in addition to the guy dressed as a medieval falcon and your guide, you may find it hard to find any real Briton. The wonderful PBS programs like Downton Abby and Upstairs Downstairs are fake, reflecting the nostalgia and non-existence of the UK. In a sense, this is what the coaching journey is all about.

You will see that England exports lower ranks, such as Schofields, who have not given up the class system and need to introduce a new servant and coal miners from the colony. That is where all foreigners adapt. Every waiter, hotel concierge, room cleaning staff you meet is from abroad, and few people speak this language. The first clue should be the African customs agent. He said to me with a heavy French accent: "Are you a hare? Have you been to Uzda dolphins?" I thought that the Bloo-dee terrorists were at me. When I fell asleep, I have already moved to the Middle East! I was drove to a hotel by a Russian, and he answered all my questions with an incomprehensible answer. The Egyptian concierge received our colonizer, the Polish room cleaner didn't understand that I wanted her to leave the room, the Serbian maid d' pointed to the buffet and made a strong gesture – "eat!" He said: "Twelve o'clock – eat! "Ah, happy old England!"

A buffet-style breakfast is available in all hotels. I have heard that if you want to eat well in the UK, you have to eat three breakfasts a day. The British killed the food with a hammer and then boiled it for a day to remove the remaining food. When you travel around the world, please note that there are no British restaurants and only a few Scottish restaurants [McDonald's]. Enjoy the buffet, this is the best buffet and is included in the price.

The trip was very reasonable and the price was $2,200, which allowed us to stay in a good mid-level hotel. Please note that in the US or Canada, a four-star UK hotel may be a three-star hotel. After my coaching trip, I stayed for two days of diving, although below the level of the motel, but got a three-star rating. Our prison accommodation is better. The paint in the single room peeled off from the ceiling, leaving a weird red spot on the wall for $250 per night. I'm sure there are better options, but the next day I went to the Oxford University and Imperial War Museum where I planned to go.

After leaving London, this visit was great. We stopped at Salisbury Cathedral and saw a copy of Magna Carter. Our team of lawyers said it was worth it. The lawyer must be Toastmasters in essence; every time he speaks to me, I feel that he is accompanying the sleeping juror, his voice is loud and slow, and all three counties are listening. We took a boat trip to Plymouth Harbour and saw the steps of the first settlers of the New World to set off on the Mayflower.

We visited some of the quaint towns on the Cornish coast, especially the hometown of Arthur's home, Tintagel, and a peculiar cliff-side fishing village, Clovelly, where the donkeys still get on and off the steep cobblestone roads. The retired judge from South Carolina had his knees on his pants when he fell. We visited Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, an ancient Roman village and Chester, a quaint narrow Elizabethan town with both sides In the house of the dynasty, our talented tour guide helped us understand the history of the street bathroom. Due to his long discussion time, I almost contributed. In an old hotel in Stratford, the direction to my room is "Upper stairs, turn left, next stairs, pay attention to the head, then go up the stairs to the right." You have developed Bill Bryson's English accent. You answer "cheers" or "so good."

Next up is Liverpool, this is a surprise, because that is not the city I want. I lived here when I was a child, and I have heard many stories about its poor living conditions. It was also the second most important port at the time. Fans of the Beatles will be able to visit the Cavern Club, Penny Lane and related homes. This excites a young lady in Texas who bought her trip for her 19th birthday. She not only knows more about the guides at the No. 4 fab. Liverpool is now quite modern, and it is also home to the famous white star line headquarters of Titanic. I bought a cup of coffee from Liverpool, but his English is not as good as the Russians in Devon, so I gave up the request for milk and sugar and took away the things handed to me. Please note that the average coffee price is £2, which is approximately $3.75. Think this is a visit to another planet, you will be fine, don't try to make it all make sense. "Put a shooha ova da meat, mayeet. Tower." He said, then you give him money. Smiles everywhere. Until you drink coffee.

From there we went to the Lake District and took a boat trip to the ten-mile-long Lake Windermere, England's largest lake. The hometown of many contemplative British writers and poets makes me laugh because we have thousands of lakes and a larger area. They made us obsessed by poets.

Next, head to the city's treasure york. We had dinner at a private estate, and a wealthy couple kindly served our forty people. It was at this dinner that two ladies from Singapore asked: “How long do you have to marry a Canadian to get half of the property?” A year later, both of them laughed.

The last stop on our trip was Cambridge University and King's College. I found a store selling outdated military surpluses, including grenade corps robes and bearskins. Street vendors sell punts on the River Cam, a famous punt that uses poles to propel boats. Oh, yes, there are many girls wearing fragile bicycles! Sorry, I can't leave a doctoral degree or two.

I was a loyal supporter of the Inspector inspector and added a trip to Oxford after the coaching trip. I want to visit a university town. Three people are murdered every week, many of whom are scholars. I also want to be able to tell people "I went to Oxford" and are happy with the wrong conclusions they have drawn. I sat on a bench beside the Thames and chatted with an older couple who met the original creator of Morse Inspector, Colin Dexter.

On the last day of England, I visited the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth and took the subway to the south side of the Thames. Since the age of 15, the Second World War has evoked my eternal interest. The museum was originally smaller and busier than I thought. One day was enough to cover the exhibits, but I suspect that I could have spent the rest of my life in the library upstairs.

I have an uncle who was killed in the pilot battle. I want to know if he is one of the "minorities" that Churchill mentioned in his famous speech. The librarian said that the military archives are now in Kew, but since I have to fly home the next morning, it is another journey.

If you are looking for a pleasant and safe trip, I highly recommend the coach to recommend England. If you are British – then what are you waiting for! No, in England, not everyone is as miserable as Dear Old Mr. Happy.

Hub City Connector Trails and Greenways

The Hub City Connector is a system of trails and greenways, bicycle lanes and designated walkways through the city of Spartanburg, South Carolina. When the connector is completed, the plan is 12 miles long, which is the city government's efforts to improve the transportation of bicycles and pedestrians to schools, communities, universities and urban areas. Several parts of the Hub City Connector have been completed and are now available. The connector is a project of the Palmetto Conservation Area, whose mission is to protect South Carolina's natural and cultural resources, protect historical landmarks, and promote outdoor recreation through trails and greenways.

The Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail is a very popular part of the trail system. This is a two-mile path through downtown Spartanburg, from Henry Drive to Country Club Road. This trail was built on the railway rights previously owned by Norfolk Southern. When the railway line was abandoned in the late 1990s, the Palmetto Conservation Society negotiated with Norfolk South to develop a leisure trail. The multi-purpose trail is open to walkers, runners, cyclists and skaters.

The Free Garden section is a .6 mile walk that connects the heart of the Spartanburg health care system to Wofford College. The concrete path is winding and it is a popular lunch time for students and hospital staff.

The Chinquapin Greenway is the 1.6-mile spur of the Hub City Connector. It extends along Chinquapin Creek in the north of Spartanburg. This part of the trail is open to walkers and runners. The loop path series includes Blackberry Path, Fox Run Path, Green Fern Path, Meadow Creek Loop, Poplar Branch Loop and Palmetto Path Connector.

The Palmetto Trail in South Carolina has two parts that are incorporated into the Hub City Connector. The 1.3-mile-long area of ​​the University of South Carolina State University campus runs through the forests of Lawson's Fork Creek. The 75-mile long walk of the South Carolina Deaf School at the southern end of Spartanburg is designed for people with reduced mobility. There are eight explanatory signs in the Braille system that explain the types of trees found along the trail.

Many people regularly enjoy exercise and entertainment opportunities in different areas of the Hub City Connector. Spartan residents are eagerly awaiting the completion of other trails.

Benefits of partial ownership of private residential clubs

A new way to own a holiday home – for a few people: from

 Part of the ownership of the holiday home, also known as the Private Residence Club, is a relatively new concept that allows you to enjoy four to 12 weeks of home ownership privileges in upscale luxury resorts at a cost of only a small overall ownership. section.

If you want to have an impressive second home, it has a personal service and is located in an expensive resort, but since you can only use it within a few weeks or months of the year, you can't prove it. This fee is reasonable and the type of real estate arrangement may appeal to you.

Rich facilities

Most private residential clubs offer a variety of amenities. These may include luxury clubs and spas, as well as five-star hotel services, which you can't expect in a wholly-owned holiday home, high-end apartment or timeshare.

Imagine: You are on vacation and call the staff at your private home club in advance. At your request, the staff will shop for you, buy clothes, dry-clean restaurant, book a restaurant, heat your private splash pool, and place your favorite photos of your gadgets and family around your home. A staff member picks you up at the airport and the staff member will take you to your home where a Jaguar is sitting in your parking space for you to use.

Take a photo? Private residential club is not your ordinary second home.

Superior location

Scores or home clubs have sprung up in world-class resorts that are unique in the world. St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Puerta Vallarta and Mexico are popular locations.

In the United States, the first fraction is located in the main ski areas of the west, especially Colorado, where real estate prices are so expensive that a second home owned by the entire population is impossible for most people. Eventually they spread to the northeast ski area. Since then, scores have begun to appear in golf-oriented communities such as Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and popular beach states such as Florida.

Some of the most popular scores can be found in Jupiter, Florida; Aspen Heights, Bachelor Canyon and Aspen Snowmass [CO]; Lake Tahoe, California; and Whistler, British Columbia. The fractional portion of the United States is often easily accessible to major airports, making transportation arrangements easy.

Five-star company management

The key to the success of decimals is their professional management. Most hotels are run by world-renowned, well-known hotel companies known for their world-class resorts. These include the Ritz-Carlton, which is known for its five-star service and facilities, four seasons hotels, Starwood Hotels, Intrawest and Millennium.

Worry-free ownership

One of the attractions of the decimal part is that they are completely trouble free. In addition to having an employee who can provide you with personalized service, you don't have to worry about repair, maintenance or housekeeping services in a private residential club. Everything is included in the price and annual fee and is handled by a professional management company.

Appreciation potential

To date, few resort developments have been made. The demand is high. As a result, there is a good chance that a large appreciation will occur, rather than the devaluation that usually occurs during a timeshare.

Real estate experts say the outlook for investment appreciation seems to be good. You can at least expect to appreciate the other real estate in the resort where the decimal is located.


To purchase the fractional portion, you will need to pay the price in one lump sum and then pay the annual maintenance fee, which should include all costs associated with property ownership and its use and services.

What is the cost of the score? Prices vary according to the size, amenities and location of a single home. But most are between $100,000 and $500,000. Keep in mind that these are truly top-class homes, and if purchased directly, the price is two to five times that of a wholly-owned holiday home.

Comparison of scores and time sharing

What is the comparison between decimals and timeshares? They really don't. The exclusivity of the fractional part is much more than that, and the time-limited vacation offers more luxury conveniences and services. They tend to be larger homes, usually three to five bedrooms. Timeshares usually last only one to two weeks a year. The fractional part will be available for 2 to 13 weeks, not necessarily for several weeks. Choose the week you want.
With regard to financing, it is difficult to obtain loans from banks or mortgage companies in a timely manner. Regardless of your credibility, rates are high. This is because the well-known fact is that most timeshares depreciate over time. In contrast, banks and mortgage companies consider decimals to be value-added assets and treat them as if they were other second-hand houses.

Why does a timeshare usually depreciate, but the score tends to appreciate? There are two reasons. With decimals, the buyer spends more money on high-quality finishes and “bricks and stucco”, while sales commissions account for 40%-50% of timeshares.
In addition, due to the large number of resales in the market, the value of timeshare has always been poor, not to mention the continuous development. The fact is that the secondary market for timeshare has never really developed.

On the contrary, the scores on the market are limited. Since the score is built only at the best, most needed position, the number is likely to remain small. Therefore, demand exceeds supply, leading to real estate appreciation.
Comparison of decimals with apartment hotels

The fractional part [private residence club] is different from the apartment hotel because you have a fixed time to use the holiday home. The hotel is actually an apartment hotel. You can use your device at any time, and you can place it in the rental program when you don't use it. The fractional part does not provide participation in the rental program.

Decimals tend to be larger than most apartment hotels. Most scores offer three to five bedrooms, while most apartment units are studios, one bedroom or two bedrooms. Currently, most apartment hotels are located in other cities near Miami and South Florida. The decimal form is most common on the West Coast, especially in ski areas. However, both types of real estate are rapidly gaining popularity, and soon there will be more supply in the country to meet growing demand.

Kenya Rift Valley Wildlife Park – Wonderful Central Rift Valley Wildlife Park

Nakuru, Baringo, Bogoria and the Kerio Valley in the Central Rift are rich in natural and cultural attractions that excite any holidaymaker. In terms of dining and accommodation, Nakuru is arguably the cheapest town in the six major urban centers of Kenya. Lake Nakuru National Park is 5 km south of the city centre. Waterfowl, especially flamingos, gather thousands of people on the coast. Nakuru is described as the most fabulous ornithological site on earth in the early 1960s. Despite the challenges in protection, the number of flamingos has decreased, and it must still maintain this prestigious reputation. name. The park also has many large mammals, including big buffalo, impala, zebra and rare white rhinoceros and Baringo giraffe, which are easy to see in the game. There are also lions and leopards in the park, but you need to wait patiently to see them.

There are two hotels in the park – Lake Nakuru Lodge and Sarova Lion Mountain Lodge. It is recommended to book these cottages in advance, especially during the holidays, not to mention that they are slightly more expensive. There are also public and special campsites. For special campsites, reservations need to be made in advance. Other attractions in Nakuru include the Meneganai Crater, which is accessible by a Murram trail 5 km north of the town. Known as the world's second largest crater, Menengai offers a retro location with views of Nakuru town and lake, Laikipia Heights and agricultural settlements of Subukia and Dundori. The crater is ideal for picnics, photography and outdoor dining.

The town of Hyrax is near the town’s prehistoric site, while the castle of Lord Egdon in Ngata is managed by the National Museum and Egton University. Accommodations outside of Nakuru Park are diverse and cater to everyone's needs and budget. There are some hotels, hotels and private camps that have a unique atmosphere and individual features to suit different tastes and interests.

Travelers who have little time will find it worthwhile to go to Baringo. It is only about 100 kilometers from Nakuru, although the goats and potholes on the road are becoming more and more difficult to predict, especially after the equator, but there is very little traffic. Important landmarks include the entrance to Bogoria Lake on the right front and the Kabarnet junction at several kilometers to the left. Drive to Marigat, after passing through the town, you will find a way to divert and then enter the Kampi Ya Samaki shopping mall on the commercial site of Lake Baringo. It is hot and humid here, but it is a beautiful place. There is also something for everyone, including bird watching, water sports and cultural and historical sites. More than 450 species of birds have been observed around Lake Baringo, and the lake is also known for its reptiles such as crocodiles, turtles and snakes.

The story tells of how the Maasai and Samburu people who lost their lives in the raids settled on this once fertile land at the end of the 18th century. Maasai named the resident I Chamus for his peculiar ability to raid. By the end of the 19th century, they stole fish and began fishing. Then the Europeans gave them the name "Njemsi". Today Njemps still raises livestock, fish and crops. Njemps is a major attraction, and boating through the lake will make them more colorful. There are many hippos and crocodiles in this lake, so swimming is not recommended. The first European to see Lake Baringo was Joseph Thomson in 1883. Because the grass is very tall, he has to stand on the table and shoot the elephant! A permanent stream from the surrounding hills provides food for the lake, which is rich in wildlife. Nowadays, the river has dried up and the population has grown, accompanied by corresponding agricultural activities and settlements. However, this place retains the aura of the wilderness.

In the 1950s, Dragon Tanning Company's crocodile hunter David Roberts and his wife Betty settled on the shore of the lake, opened a fish farm, and built the Fish Eagle camp for tourists. In 1963, the lake rose 20 feet, drowning their houses and destroying the fish factory. In 1966, the newly widowed Betty left with six children, but sold the Osprey battalion to Mike Skinner, who built a family hotel that is now a Block hotel. portion. Lake Baringo Club. Betty still lives above the collapsed fish factory next to the famous Roberts. camp. The Lake Barino Club is still one of the leading tourist hotels in the region, offering full board, self-catering and cheaper square towels or camping tents in charming cottages. The thirsty goat restaurant has ample bars and mouth-watering dishes at reasonable prices.

It is convenient to walk along the lakeshore and watch birds. Hippos graze on the lawn at night, and crocodiles can also sunbathe on the shores of the lake. Guests can swim in the pool at Baringo Club for a small fee. For a slightly lower budget, Soy Safari Lodge in Kampi ya Samaki is a safe choice. It is beautifully situated by the lake. People can enjoy the view of the lake from the distant islands. There is a swimming pool and a boat trip to the Njemps islands for a fee.

For those who have plenty of time and money, Island Camp is worth it. It is always recommended to book in advance as this is a popular site and traffic must be arranged from the lakeshore. The visitor parked the car on the mainland and boarded the hotel's boat. Island Camp is a unique luxury venue that has won several national awards. From Baringo, you can visit the equally popular enemy Bogoria Lake. 15 km from the main road and about 20 km from Baringo. Lake Bogoria is known for its rich bird life. This is the second home of Kenya's flamingos, sometimes recording up to one million birds. In addition to many other waterfowl.

Another amazing geographical feature is the hot springs. Hot springs have been attracting tourists since generations. The Tugen mythology around this feature makes it worth a visit. Interestingly, how fast is the hot water flowing from the ground to boil eggs. With campsites, picnic families can sunbathe in this well-protected national park. If you are lucky, you may see a rare antelope called Grand Kudu.

The 3-star Bogoria Lake Lodge offers accommodation in a beautiful setting just outside the park. The hotel is a paradise for bidders who can swim in the natural hot water excavated in the underground hot springs. At the gate of the park is the Papyrus Hotel, a lower-cost clothing for those who are keen to drink or drink nyama choma. Baringo is one of the most successful irrigation projects supported by the Pekera River, one of the water sources of Lake Baringo. Pekera irrigation plans to produce watermelons, onions and tomatoes. The town of Marigat between Baringo and Bogoria stopped to buy these fruits and vegetables, but the visit to Baringo was incomplete without a trip through the Kabarnet-Sacho ring road. You will start from Baringo on the right and branch after Marigat. In the meantime, you'll find the most delicious goat meat, often called koriema, followed by a local wisdom goat, the villages of Marigat and Kabarnet, which have special medicinal plants that make up the diet of local goats. Koriema meat can be purchased at the Koriema shopping centre on the road or in the town of Kabarnet.

Located on the slopes of the Tugen Hills, Kabarnet overlooks the scenic western Kerio Valley and the eastern Baringo and Bogoria Lakes. Just 2 km north of the town, Kabarner Hotel is a good stopover with beautiful lawns, ideal for relaxing and perfect drinking. To see the Kerio Valley correctly, drive west to Iten for a few kilometers. You can take photos easily from there. If time permits, driving to the Kerio River at the bottom of the valley may enrich the experience. After passing through Kabarnet, follow the Sacho route along the Tugen Hills to Eldama Ravine. This is one of the most beautiful roads I have ever driven. It is highly panoramic and the beautiful natural vegetation makes it even more picturesque. In Kiptangich, there is also a point of view and a campsite where people can stop to take photos or eat. Not far from here is Sacho, the hometown of retired President Daniel Moi. This road takes you to Eldama Ravine and takes you back to the Nakuru-Baringo Highway near Kabarak.

Myrtle Beach Golf Information

South Carolina is a beautiful place to play golf. Golfers from all over the world can visit Myrtle Beach. The area is home to some of the most popular courses produced by top designers. Myrtle Beach is often referred to as the hottest spot for golfers all over the world, so holidaymakers and players abound. People like the scenery, climate and various routes of the area. From location to attractions and resorts, this is a great place for players of all experience levels. Not only is it family friendly, but it also has many affordable travel options. Here is some information about the area, some top courses, resorts and information on how to make the trip there ultimately affordable.

Myrtle Beach Stadium is the place to find beachfront courses and hotels in the area. The stadium is located throughout Dadong Street and the city's interior. There are 120 different courses to visit, each offering unique challenges. You'll find courses for all levels of players as well as many mini golf courses. You will also find that most courses are publicly available.

The Arcadian Shores Golf Club is a popular course. It was designed by architect Rees Jones and has been around since 1974. The course offers a challenge that all levels of golfers can enjoy. There are 18 holes in the campus, a specialty store and The Grill Room. Lakes, trees and sandpits have been designed and shaped into beautiful scenery.

Legendary golf and resorts have a fantastic course in their territory called the Heathland Stadium. In 2008, the course was selected as “The Best Course #12 in South Carolina near you” and was recommended in the magazine Golf. The Heathland course, designed by Tom Doak, has 18 holes for you to enjoy. This is a beautiful route that won't be distracted by the vast amount of vegetation. Opened in 1990, it is a traditional course designed with some exciting twists.

These are just two of the many great courses at Myrtle Beach. Golf information in the area is always easy to find. Even if you book a trip, you can find many different packages, including all the popular courses and accommodation preparations. Each course will then be fully disclosed on the travel website, including the following information: size, designer, awards, standards, year of establishment, amenities and restaurants, green types, etc. Booking as a package can save golfers a lot of course and accommodation costs.