Latest News from Long Island MacArthur Airport

1. Falling numbers: The Long Island MacArthur Airport, owned by Islip, has been in a vicious circle since its inception. For a long time, airlines have been reluctant to provide services due to lack of passengers, and passengers have been reluctant to use the airport because airlines have failed to provide the services they seek. […]

History of Republic Airport

1. Origin of Farmingdale Aviation: The Republic Airport is located in Farmingdale on Long Island. It is an important airport in the region and in world history. It plays a role in both military and civilians. But long before it became an airfield, it gave birth to manufacturers of aircraft. Ken Neubeck and Leroy E. […]

Pierce Hale, Private Detective: Honeymoon Killer

At 7:30 pm on Saturday, Pierce Hale was escorted to the back of Club Dahlia. Sitting on a table made of mahogany, Pierce pours out of a slender green bottle, occasionally leaning back to smoke a ring, waiting patiently for his dinner. It was South Beach in Miami in 1945. Tropical plants decorate the room […]

American Airlines Deregulation Phase

I. Regulations Although it was originally envisaged that the deregulation of American airlines would result in more and more airlines, their different service concepts, market segmentation, fleet and route structure will bring new competition, stimulate traffic and reduce fares, but Eventually entered the entire cycle, which eventually led to a virtual monopoly. Three different stages […]

A Brief History of Orange Balls

What exactly is an orange ball? The short answer is that no one knows. However, it is one of the most common phenomena of all anomalous aerial phenomena occurring in our sky today. The person who undresses the bulletproof vest will tell you whether this is a spherical illuminator or a flare attached to a […]

Richardson Murder Case

She was a former New York City actress Abby Sage. But after ex-husband Daniel McFarland's murder of his lover at Richardson's workplace in the New York Tribune on November 25, 1869, journalist Albert Richardson It is the sage lifestyle that is respected, not just McFarland. Daniel McFarland was born in Ireland in 1820, but he […]

Africa travel tips to Mozambique

Mozambique is famous for its beaches and shrimps, and Mozambique also offers visitors world heritage, colonial architecture and colorful local culture. The bustling markets sell exquisite carvings and basket utensils, as well as Marcond wood and ivory sculptures considered to be one of Africa's most complex art forms. Mozambique has also trained talented painters like […]

Is your doctor working abroad?

Doctors will accompany their clients to holiday homes and luxury spas. Standards and certifications are an international effort. For years, rich men and celebrities have traveled abroad from time to time to participate in bite / tweed surgery, repairs, and other medical activities. Today, the average American can enjoy an international medical vacation, and the […]

Create better foundations with Rub-R-Wall waterproofing solution

Waterproofing with a film is time consuming. You have to consider preparation time, weather delay and duration of concrete curing. All these aspects extend the time required to complete the construction schedule. With Rub-R-Wall waterproofing solutions, it's easy to reduce latency and save time. This also results in accelerated construction, which reduces overhead costs. Therefore, […]