A Brief History of Orange Balls

What exactly is an orange ball? The short answer is that no one knows. However, it is one of the most common phenomena of all anomalous aerial phenomena occurring in our sky today.

The person who undresses the bulletproof vest will tell you whether this is a spherical illuminator or a flare attached to a helium balloon by a con artist or Chinese lantern released by the party. It may be true in a few cases, but can it fly at 800 miles per hour and stop on a dime or hover in the terrible wind for hours? Is it common for military aircraft to chase Chinese lanterns and helium balloons? These spheres then appear to be accompanied by significant intelligence. They merge, separate, form geometric patterns like triangles, rectangles, and star constellations, blink and return, and some so-called contacts even claim to communicate with them telepathically.

Conspiracy theorists will suggest that they are plasma ball weapons developed by DARPA or other US government agencies. The Boeing Phantom Factory is rumored to be developing these directional energy weapons [DEW] for the military, but keep large plasma spheres suspended in the atmosphere for several hours, or guide them here at speeds faster than the speed of up to 30 groups At one point it was still science fiction. This is happening in our sky with or without the participation of Boeing!

The Mutual UFO Network [MUFON] does not classify them as unidentified aircraft [UAV] and requires field investigators to mark them as "unknown others" in their reports. When searching for reports, MUFON does not even use the term orb. The closest you can classify in their database is a circle or a sphere. However, if one enters the MUFON sighting database [dear reader, anyone can], there are reports from all over the world every day, and even some reports provide good video evidence to support sightings. Are they technical processes, some kind of biological entity, or both?

To be clear, these orange spheres that are completely silent on our sky are not to be confused with the small supernatural spheres commonly found in photographs around cemeteries and haunted houses. These are objects with advanced technological capabilities, but sometimes when they are seen up close, they appear to be melting pulsating energy or biomass pulse clusters, whose outlines are somewhat fuzzy and may be mechanical, but they are almost invisible like a shell .

In 2008, the British Ministry of Defence released what they called X-Files, with a lot of information about Orange Orbs:

"The presence of UFOs [UAP or UFO] is indisputable. It has the ability to hover, land, take off, accelerate to amazing speeds and disappear, thanks to the manned or unmanned presence of any known aircraft or missile Flying.

Conditions that initially form and maintain distinct [plasma] buoyant charged matter can form, separate, merge, hover, climb, dive, and accelerate.

Depending on the temperature of the color and the density of the aerosol, it can be seen visually through the plasma color produced by itself, reflected light, or through the contours of light blocking and background contrast.

Occasionally [perhaps with exceptions], there may be fields with uncertain characteristics between some charged buoyant objects. These objects are in a loose form, and the intermediate space between them forms a region [usually a triangular shape]. No reflection of light occurs in the area. This is a key finding attributed to what is commonly referred to as a black "craft" [usually triangular and hundreds of feet long].

Although the focus on these spheres is spreading globally, especially over the past two years, their existence is not new. Some researchers believe they are the incarnation of the famous and mysterious Foo Fighter as seen by Allied pilots in German skies during World War II.

Harold T. Wilkins in his 1954 book "UFO Under Attack" describes the 415th night squadron pilot Lieut, who suffered a severe World War II events. On December 22, 1944, David McFalls, 20 miles north of Strasbourg, Germany:

"At 0600 [6 pm] near the 10,000-foot-high Hagnau, two very bright lights climbed towards us from the ground. They leveled up and stayed on the tail of the plane. They were huge orange bright lights. They were at Stayed there for two minutes. I was on my tail and they were under full control. Then they left us and the fire seemed to go out.

Clippings collected by UFO scientists from around the world, such as Cris Aubeck and Jacques Vallee, clearly show the existence of orange celestial bodies in the 19th and early 20th centuries, pre-war Americans were in space Before harvesting Nazi scientists and engineers. So an inconclusive Foo Fighters is a secret weapon designed by Russia, Germany or the United States.

In the Indian Gazette in July 1832, we received the following reports on orange balls:

Meteors from June 23 to July 24, 1832 were observed in Delhi and Meerut. On the 23rd of last month, an oversized meteor or three fireballs initially rose from the Est Southeast horizon and rose to about 15 degrees to form a large fireball. Its size is the same as a full moon on the meridian and passes about The 115-degree sky arc disappeared before. The light is very bright. "

On October 2, 1907, exactly the following happened in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania:

A compelling story tells of a phenomenon that occurred in heaven at about 6:30 last night, which was confirmed by the foreman of the Star [Reporting Newspaper] and a friend who witnessed it. When they were standing and chatting near Frank's Tavern, a splendid golden fireball suddenly appeared in the north of the sky, remained still for a moment, and then divided themselves into three splendid and beautiful flames of almost the same size, moving slowly and gracefully. Curved downward curve. In addition to its huge appearance, it also has beautiful bright colors, similar to the appearance of a sky rocket. As the three stars moved across the sky, a faint trace was left on their tails, very similar to the description of a comet. Mysterious stars disappear behind the horizon of the East … "

Recorded again in the Australian "Kapunda Herald" on March 16, 1880:

Residents of the town informed us that strange things happened on the morning of Monday, March 15. From five o'clock to four in the morning, a star seemed to burn brightly in the northeast sky about 45 degrees above the horizon. It then fired southwest at extremely fast speeds, but remained motionless while still above the horizon. It burned for a quarter of an hour under faint glare, then slowly condensed in the southwest, as bright as it first appeared.

Spheres were even mentioned in April 1676:

"In Offenburg, a comet was found, which resembles a hair sword with the blade pointing west. There is a star next to it and two blood-red spheres."

Source: Extraordinary Maanedlige Relationer, April 1676

Even the U.S. Air Force's project logo [also known as the "Disc" project, later the "Resentment" project, and later the "Blue Book"], has Major General Carbell [the second commander of General Vandenberg, dated November 1948]. [March 3] Letter to Colonel McQuay Coy. The UFO responded on November 8th, stating:

"The objects described are divided into the following general categories based on their shape or general configuration.

a. ] Flat or round or nearly round.

b] Torpedo or cigar-shaped aircraft without wings or fins in flight

c] spherical or balloon-like objects

d] Photosphere without obvious appearance

It is item d] we care about!

Lake Erie, in particular, has been a popular place for people to visit since 1867. Native American tribes in the area call it "the light of the wizard", suggesting that it has existed there for a long time. So let's start our investigation at Lake Erie.

Enter Michael Lee Hill 2006

Beginning in 2006, a musician named Michael Lee Hall living on the shores of Lake Erie began recording videotapes and appeared in the sky. His video is clear, clear and rich. Check them out on YouTube. To some in the UFOlogy community, Michael has been degraded by his unfounded claim that he is a descendant of Annanuki and has a special bloodline. The blood was sent by Bill Birnes to the now-defunct UFO Hunters TV show for analysis and returned with some extraordinary results that did not prove he was an alien-just rich Contains an enzyme called Creatine Kenase, which some UFO scientists believe is a trademark side effect of the enzyme as a result of the abductees.

MUFON also investigated his findings on the orange spheres of Lake Erie and concluded that these were just the planes Michael was filming. This conclusion has been strongly challenged because Lake Erie has been a no-fly zone since 9/11, and because the Perry nuclear power plant is located near Cleveland.

Enter Robert Bigelow 2010

Michael Lee Hill has made some extraordinary but even weird claims on many UFOlogy blogs, online community pages, and TV shows, but one of them is interesting and seems reasonable. He claims that in 2010, Gary Hernandez, an investigator at Bigelow Aerospace, contacted him about the problem of finding his sphere and asked Michael to disclose the coordinates of the place where his sphere was found. A search of LinkedIn.com revealed that indeed, Gary Hernandez, with a broad law enforcement background, had worked as an investigator for Bigelow's "classification project" between 2010 and 2011.

If this statement is correct, it will project the orange ball in a whole new perspective. Robert Bigelow, a billionaire real estate developer from Nevada, made his fortune with his own hotel chain. His aerospace company launched two modules for the International Space Station. He sees the future of his company in the field of space tourism. Mr. Bigelow is also interested in UFOs. This stems from his childhood, when his grandparents were almost killed in a car that escaped the orange orb on the run. His now dissolved National Institute for Discovery Science collected UFO sightings [especially Black Triangle sightings] until 2004.

In 2009, Mr. Bigelow established an extremely cruel and unfortunate financial partnership with MUFON, a non-profit organization, and the partnership was quickly withdrawn. Mr Bigelow also owns the infamous Skinwalker Ranch, a breeding ground for livestock mutilation and the discovery of orange orbs. It's even more obvious that the Federal Aviation Administration has now delayed pilots' UFO sightings to Bigelow astronauts.

The gist of all of this is that we have a billionaire aviation tycoon who is clearly interested in the coordinates of the sight of Lake Orange's orange sphere. If they were just planes like MUFON said-why? If Michael Lee Hill is a liar-why?

Maybe this is an attempt to intercept and retrieve one, especially if it is alien technology? That's why!

Enter Terry Ray 2014

Terry Ray is a MUFON field investigator in Pennsylvania. I met him at the Muffon conference in Pittsburgh in October, and he was a very nice person. Terry wrote a book this year with a very long, long title called "The Complete Story of the Orange Ball Global Invasion", available from Sunbury Press. This is a three-part book that began with his investigation of the phenomenon and subsequently sandwiched approximately 200 actual reports submitted to MUFON and elsewhere in the book.

Perhaps the biggest achievement of Terry's investigation into this phenomenon is his sightings based on thousands of MUFON Case sightings in the past few years. Terry has determined that these sphere sightings have grown exponentially and can be seen in every major U.S. city, apparently trying to get as many people as possible to see it. If they are indeed aliens, then their goal seems to be to slowly adapt humans to their existence. But they completely avoided one city, and that was Washington, DC. Do they avoid confrontation with our army? Will Chinese lanterns with flares and helium balloons be so discerning?

Terry also believes that these spheres come from underwater bases and often make Atlantic coasting at night, and are also visible in Lake Erie and the Atlantic [such as Myrtle Beach, South Carolina] [no surprise] .

Terry sees them as aliens, and this seems to be gaining more and more consensus.

I'm a MUFON field investigator, and this year I investigated 50 weird cases, about 40% of which were orange orbs found in New Jersey.

Although there is no video or photographic evidence, the MUFON 5937 case that occurred on August 14, 2014 may be the thing I am most moved by. The distant object is clearly an orange ball. Witnesses first saw the object up close within a distance of no more than ten feet. It was a crumbling glowing orange ball hanging in the air, the bells around it were faintly visible, and almost invisible to the naked eye. Witnesses gave specific dimensions, approximately 8 feet high by 5 feet wide. It is shaped like a bell or sea fish. It hovers near an outdoor transformer outside her backyard, possibly trying to absorb energy from it. When it realizes her existence, it starts to back off and accelerate to show its perception and awareness of her existence.

On August 24, 2014, witnesses in MUFON case 59219 in Wahita, Louisiana described the same object as New Jersey saw in case 59379. They said, "My wife and I noticed an orange, transparent bell-shaped object about 200 to 300 feet above the ground, headed north, and turned 90 degrees east. There was no sound at all, watching it until it disappeared."

Witnesses plotted a very accurate bell-shaped plasma sphere.

When comparing cases 59219 and 59379 with Michael Lee Hill's first encounter with an orange ball in 2006, we got an amazing description similar to a close-up of the sphere. Michael said it looked like a bowler hat, and he added more specifically: "It looks like a flat platform made of glowing plasma red, you can recognize the edges well, they are not blurry. Sitting on the top of the platform looks like a hot sun, a bit like a plasma ball, about the size of a small airplane, this ball is about 1/3 of the bottom length, just draw a line with a ball on it It looks like the line is about ten feet thick.

All three close encounters with Orange Orbs are very similar. They appear to be balls of energy, surrounded by greater energy. The outline is large and flat at the bottom and small and round as it moves towards the top.

It may be a coincidence, but on December 9, 1965, in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, a strangely shaped object fell into the woods outside the city, causing a rapid and overwhelming military response. No matter what the object is, it is mounted on a flatbed truck and is no longer visible.

Another more interesting coincidence emerged from the conspiracy field of bell-shaped orange balls. In 2000, Polish weapon expert Igor Witkowski published a book entitled "The Truth of Magical Weapons". It details his experience of talking with Jakob Sporrenberg, a former senior Nazi SS official, who told Mr. Wittkovsky that the now infamous Nazi experiment "bell" [Dai Ge Locke].

What Die Glocke is and whether it really exists is a matter for debate, but when we travel in our sky with bell-shaped orange spheres in a truly mysterious environment, one must wonder if the Nazis are indeed engaged in some sort of Platforms using exotic technology for transport work may have been reverse engineered to form a crashed UFO in Germany before World War II. If you believe in Mr. Wittkovsky, many German scientists have given their lives for this experiment. Also, suppose it fell into the hands of Americans after the war. Is Bell an advanced propulsion system or something more exotic like the suggested time machine? Was Glocke an object that crashed in Kecksburg in 1965? Is Die Glocke an object seen in the backyard of New Jersey in 2014 MUFON case # 59379? We don't know, but we see new patterns.

Give a reason. MUFON case 57701 held in Eaton, New Jersey on July 5, 2014. Witnesses said that after seeing an orange celestial body crossing the sky, "in a matter of minutes, several fast-moving aircraft were found flying in the same direction as unidentified objects were flying."

Eatontown, NJ is located north of McGuire Air Force Base. The Air Force insists that they do not investigate UFOs, but we have seen time and again in the MUFON database reports that apparent fighters are scrambling behind UAVs. This has been happening since the 1940s, and they never seem to find these things!

How long have they been here? Centuries or more?

3500 years ago, in ancient Egypt, Pharaoh thothmosis III devoted himself to the description of the alien creatures that papyrus might have in his sky:

"The archivist or chronicler or chronicler of the House of Life found a fire in the sky on the 22nd [six hours a day] of the third month of winter. [But] it has no head, from its mouth With a foul breath, its body was one stroke long and one stroke wide, silent, the scribes' hearts became frightened and confused, and they lay flat on their stomachs …

They reported to Pharaoh. Ma ordered … have been checked … he is pondering what happened and recording it in the papyrus of the house of life.

Now, days have passed and these things are becoming more in the sky than ever before. They shine more than the brightness of the sun and extend to the limit of the four supports [a quarter] of heaven …

These fiery circles dominate the sky. Pharaoh's army was with him among them.

after dinner. As a result, these rings of fire rose southward in the sky. "

"Fish, winged animal or bird fell from the sky. Since the establishment of this land, there has never been such a miracle! Pharaoh brought incense and made peace on earth … Pharaoh ordered to write down what happened Everything in the history of the House of Life … let it be remembered forever. "

Is this when the orange ball first reached Earth? Maybe they are alien tourists looking for a new home. Since they arrived 3500 years ago, they do not seem to have caused any problems on the planet. Are they a group of creatures who want to live in peace with humans? Are they machines? Are they biological entities?

What is their affinity for water? It has long been speculated that they have underwater bases near Myrtle Beach and Lake Erie. why? They have been found worldwide since World War II, from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic to the Tasmanian Sea! Is there any water that can soothe them or help cool their engines, or provide them with food in some way?

In the past summer, you can see the lights below the sea. Are there a bunch of orange balls under the Pacific Ocean?

From the Daily Mail on August 26, 2014:

A pilot and his first officer discovered the mysterious orange and red rays on the Pacific Ocean.

During a Boeing 747-8 flight from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska, strange lights were found in the southern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia.

Although no explanation has been given, they are thought to be caused by the explosion of a huge volcano on the sea floor.

Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst explained … After five hours of flying for 10 hours, how did they find a strong lightning flash, pointing vertically into the distance. It then glowed in crimson and orange after 20 minutes. Due to a lack of explanation of what happened, this experience disturbed Van Heist.

Together with his co-pilot van Heijst, they felt "everything but comfortable" without the other aircraft confirming witnesses nearby.

We reported our observations to the Air Traffic Control Agency and have now begun investigating what happened in this remote marine area, he added.

Although we are still far from solving the mystery of the Orange celestial body, at least now we have some questions to ask. Are they aliens? Are they friendly? Are they time machines or multidimensional transport machines? Are they secret government black operations such as anti-gravity propulsion systems? Are they machines? Still alive? We don't know yet …!

So what exactly is an orange ball? The short answer is that no one knows. But we will definitely learn a lot!