General – Chapter 10

Martin Graham, who arrived in Naples, went directly to the Kayn's Hotel. He is looking forward to visiting Italy. After spending a few years there during FSI training, he became an admirable student of architecture. Throughout the centuries, his admiration for novices has always made his narrative of the country gentle.

In the hall, Kayn waited for Martin. After a short conversation, they walked toward the front door, passed the concierge, crossed the cobblestone path, and reached the nearby shopping mall Gallerie Umberto. Martin entering the rotunda soon enjoyed the beauty of the enclosed square. Central dome and cloister, heavy stone and marble. He quickly realized that Kane would feel comfortable with such influence and strength. When he told Kayn that he wanted to have lunch, he walked over to the seat and found a place to provide them with some privacy. Kayn took the spinach calzone and panzarotti back to the table and went to Martin. And a large number of cans.

As a representative of ISA and FATF, Kayn arrived in Naples a few days ago to attend the International Monetary Economic Conference. He contacted Martin of Perth, and Martin was still working with Stephen Forbes to collect evidence against Agent AOC and asked him to come to Naples before returning home in order to keep abreast of the case.

Martin tasted the potatoes and cheese filled in Panzaroti and swallowed the cold beer. After the lunch, he immediately took a lot of time to take the documents out of the briefcase and pass them on to Kane.

The two people who doubt each other have never respected each other's expertise, wisdom and opinions. Kane reminded Martin of a trailing hound. His name was Holmes, and he partnered with him in the Rocky Mountains. He pursued the whereabouts of the kidnapped girl in Lake Louise Park. Sherlock Holmes, who smelled the aroma in the park, took his head from other followers until he lifted his head to the ground and successfully placed the child in an abandoned cave next to the Icefield Avenue. Although Holmes’ work was completed, he refused to stop there. Picking up the smell of the kidnappers, he took Martin along the cliff into the forest reserve and hunt down the man who was preparing to re-enter Lake Louise.

Looking at Kane now, his head bowed his head and was not distracted by the crowd at lunch. His eyes focused on every line of every page. He won't watch another hour.

“They determined where Chanarong Montri is?”

"My understanding is that he recently went to Santa Maria, Brazil alone."

"Is his companion not present?"

"She was not seen."

"Do you know where Kim and his colleagues are?"

"We are still investigating. The last sight of Kim and Zhai was in Perth."

"Do you have any clues about money?"

"Nothing, no matter where you are, you are sitting very beautiful."

"I was scheduled to stay in Naples for another two days and then return home; when will you leave?"

"I have to fly tomorrow morning."

Kayn looked at his watch and found it was time to leave the meeting for the afternoon meeting. Knowing Martins' appreciation of the restoration of the building and many artifacts, Kane advised him to spend the afternoon with him at the San Carlo Theatre in the Opera House. The theatre was retained in July and August, when the ballet was on vacation. Although he will stay on the underground stage, Martin can choose to appreciate the beauty of the house from the balcony on the upper floor. Martin quickly accepted the invitation.

Kayn moved to the main floor conference stage to find his seat, and Martin climbed the stairs to the balcony on the fifth floor, where he found an open seat. Over the years, he has done a lot of repair work inside the opera house, he read a lot of books. From the fifth floor, Martin looked down at the horseshoe design of the opera house and the balcony seat. All in red and gold.

He hopes to use an open vision to see that many of the occupants representing 130 countries sit on most of the 1,400 seats, and he wants to excel in lip reading; what he knows now.

His eyes stopped and he was locked on the balcony on the third floor. Martin looked at him from the balcony on the fifth floor and didn't want to misunderstand anything he saw. Is this Chanarong Montri? Looking at the other people in the cubicle, he was finally able to identify the name tag that represents Thailand. It must be Chanarong. Martin quickly left his seat and walked down the stairs to the main building, turning to the stage where Kane was sitting. He showed his identity card and asked the officer to disturb Kane and asked him to return to the vestibule. Kane returned without delay, although no one was satisfied with it.

“Kayn, Chanarong Montri is here. He and the Thai team are on the central balcony on the third floor.”

Kayn took Martins' arm and led him away from traffic jams in the area. They walked up to the east stairway opposite Chanarong and began to climb to the third floor. Kane and Martin sat in their seats and looked at the box. A total of five representatives from Thailand attended, but there was no Chanarong.

"Where is his Martin?"

"He was there a few minutes ago. I have to go downstairs; he may still be in the House."

Kayn looked again before leaving to make sure Chananong didn't come back. No.

Martin returned to the main building and searched everywhere, but did not see Qian Narong. Was he mistaken? He asked to view the registration log but was rejected.

He told Kane that he was leaving the opera house and would continue to search outside.

Chanarong met Martin Graham and soon left the theatre. I called a taxi and now headed north to Via Naples on Via Foria. He has spoken to Harry and agreed to meet him at the airport, and the plan will continue to extend north to Verona. They have reservations in a private resort and want to play a few golf balls. Palazzo Arzaga is a favorite of Harry and Chanarong. Harry had no plans to attend the meeting in Naples for four days, which gave them enough time to catch up.

The plane taxied from the runway and parked on a private hanger, and the ground crew was waiting to refuel. Harry looked down from the stairs of the plane and looked good.

" Chanarong; it's been too long, how are you doing?"

"Harry, it’s great to see you."

"Tell me, do you like Veronica with this boat?"

"This is a risky Harry; all of us express our heartfelt thanks to our safety."

"Tell me, are they traveling with you?"

"No, no, they and Veronica stay in Thailand; for them, it is much safer until we solve the problems they found."

"Harry, you didn't mention Albert. Did everything go well when he was released?"

"Everything is fine; he lives with Robert in my home in South Carolina."

"Harry, I saw Kane at the meeting this afternoon."

"Have he seen you?"

"No, but there is a security guard, Martin Graham did see me. I met him when I was in Canada."

"Well, my friend, for the next few days, it should be a bit interesting for all of us. Now let's get back on the plane so I can start planning the golf game."

Kayn wanted to review the details outlined on the agenda of the hotel that was sent to him the night before, so he set off early to the Teatro di San Carlo. Officers from the Italian army stood on both sides of the street, encircling the two blocks around the theatre grounds. Kayn handed his identity document to an official in the security department who signaled him to pass.

The outline for the next two days includes representatives from France, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Greece and China. Interpreters are arriving and being demonstrated to their location throughout the theatre.

By 9:30, the theater had been packed, and all the delegates attended the head table of the meeting. The chairman stood up and welcomed everyone to the meeting. Kane sat at the table, adjusted the volume of the headdress, and listened to the chairman's speech through an interpreter, but he wondered if Xia Rongrong would appear in the theater today. He talked to Martin before the plane took off and agreed that he would forward a new report to him once he had the opportunity to meet with the intelligence department.

In a day's balance, Kane listened to the general vulnerability of the financial situation; when asked to set up a task to investigate economic advantages and avoid double recession [if the private sector is involved in turnover], support financial support to promote competitive growth. When he was in the group, he admitted that he supported the bank's adjustment.

Kayn is still focused on high-end galleries to find familiar faces of Chanarong Montri. When he looked at the business outline of the conference summary, his brother Harry was undoubtedly a clear name, scheduled to be the guest speaker on the last morning of the meeting.

Kayn stood up, walked to the lobby, looked for the chairman of the IMEC meeting, and prepared to make any final pass needed to get Harry out of the meeting, but it was unsuccessful. He did not plan to attend the meeting two days later and was told that several oil countries that had previously refused to participate in the meeting had already registered, and it was reported that Harry Tilwell would speak.

The meeting was closed for a day, Kayn returned to his hotel, and after the room service sent his scotch and a bucket of ice, he felt a little relaxed. He called the theater and asked the administrative office to find out where to reach Harry Taiwell. And leave instructions to the office to leave the information at the security desk, and he will collect information when he returns to the theater later that evening. The evening was a pleasant gathering for that meeting, as the Korean National Ballet of Naples agreed to hold a private performance for the first time.

It was not disappointing for Kane at night. Performance is perfect. He wandered around the theater hall, hoping he could see Chanarong or better Veronica Bartola, but didn't recognize anyone in the audience.

After he left, an envelope was posted to him with his personal and confidential information until he was safe in the hotel room. After locking the door, Kane immediately tore open the envelope and found only a brief comment.

Buona sera -Siamo spiacenti, non-Rio de Janeiro, Italy

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