2010 Christian Supply Choir Festival

The 2010 Christian Supply Choir Festival will be held in Spartanburg, South Carolina, from August 5th to 7th. This is a major event held every year in Spartanburg over the past 30 years, the largest and most extensive chorus festival of its kind in the country. The event, held at the First Baptist Church in Spartanburg, is expected to attract more than 1,200 musicians from churches in the United States and Canada.

This year's music festival will begin on the special bonus night held on August 4th [Wednesday]. The night called "Happy Night" will be a special night full of music and inspiration. Special music guests will be "sisters" and Michael Lord. The program starts at 7:00 PM and there are no additional fees for festival participants.

Several music artists will participate in the 2010 Music Festival. On Thursday night, Travis Cottrell and his praise band will bring you joy. On Friday night, the featured band will be the Sherwood Baptist Adult Choir and Orchestra from Albany, Georgia. Laura Story and her praise band will perform on Saturday morning. Special speakers at the festival will include Dr. Henry Blackby and Jonny Erickson Tada. This year's show will include a major introduction to the three new Christmas carols by the Outstanding Choir. Two of these works were written for adult choirs and the other for children.

The Chorus Festival will provide more than 60 workshops. The theme covers almost every aspect of church music ministry. The workshop will include children and youth choirs, keyboards and orchestras. Meetings will be held with top chorus music publishers and chorus clinicians, including Randy Vader, David T. Clydesdale, Jay Rouse, Tom Fettke and Marty Parks.

There are two types of registration: official registration [$355] and joint registration [$295, official registration from the same church]. Each church can only register up to six. The registration price includes five meals. The full registration includes a $600 fall and Christmas choral music for your church library. Music Festival participants will have ample opportunity to purchase additional music at a discounted price for the conference. It is usually registered quickly every year. The 2010 Chorus Festival is expected to be a very exciting event.