Harbison State Forest

Harbison State Forest Park is a unique public green area within Columbia, South Carolina. This 2,200-acre forest is located 9 miles north of the city along the scenic Broad River. The forest is the largest urban green space in the Southeast, providing opportunities for leisure and environmental education. Harbison State Forest is such a quiet and quiet area, and visitors may forget that they are in a growing urban area.

The forest is surrounded by torch leaves, short and long-leaved pine trees and various hardwoods along the river. The terrain ranges from wide ridges and cliffs to lowlands along the Pod River. More than 18 miles of roads and trails are designated for walking, jogging, hiking and mountain biking. The path is from easy to difficult. Mountain bikes can only be used on designated trails and require a permit. The nature exhibition of the Discovery Road and the Learning Path promotes responsible land management. There are outdoor classrooms on these trails. Cooked pine trails are medium-difficult trails leading to spring or seasonal ponds. The management trail takes the hikers to the wide river. Mountain bikes can be found on the Firebreak Trail, the Midlands Mountain Multipurpose Trail, the Lost Creek Trail and the Spider Woman II Trail. They are one of the longest trails in the park, with the most difficult terrain, with some steep climbs and rocky areas to cross.

Canoes on the wide river lead to canoes and kayaks. The water in this river is quiet and there is almost no rapids. This is a popular part of rowing, kayaking and canoeing. Inland users must submit a basic floating plan at the Education Center.

The Harbison Environmental Education Center is used for educational programs related to forest ecosystems. Visitors can view exhibits and displays in the building. Various seminars, conferences and teacher training days are held throughout the year. Outside the education center, visitors may see a fire tower and a working sawmill. Other facilities at Harbison State Forest Park include two large picnic shelters, a washroom and an open sports court.

Harbison State Forest is located on 5500 Broad River Road. Interstate I-26 on Harbison Road is easily accessible. The daily parking pass is $5 per car and can be paid in the on-site toll box of the car park.