Spartanburg Regional Reserve

The Spartanburg Regional Conservation Area [SPACE] is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting and retaining green spaces and natural areas for the public to enjoy. The main focus of the reserve is the Pacolet Watershed, which is the source of most of Spartanburg's drinking water. In addition, protected areas protect animal habitats and historically important property. This is an overview of some of the major assets protected by the Spartanburg Area Conservancy.

The Edwin M. Griffin Nature Reserve protects 115 acres of land at 1.5 miles from Lawson's Fork Creek and smaller tributaries. The nature reserve is the site of the first project of the sanctuary, the "Shamrock Trail". The reserve is a protected habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. More than five miles of trails provide visitors with the place to enjoy nature in the green spaces of the city. The Griffin Nature Reserve is located near Spartanburg High School. You can enter the clover path from below Beechwood Drive or the high school tennis court. The reserve is open from dawn to dusk.

The Glendale Shoal Reserve includes 13 acres of protected land, including the old Glendale facility on the Lawson Fork. This area used to be home to a large cotton factory and a mill for workers. The picturesque waterfall tumbling over the small dam on site.

Chinquapin Greenway takes up 36 acres of upstream water from Chinquapin Creek [a tributary of Lawson's Fork Creek]. The greenway includes a 1.6-mile walk. Dwarf leaf, a rare protected plant, can be found here. The Greenway is located opposite the Milliken Research Park across Milliken Road. Business hours are Saturday and Sunday, from dawn to dusk.

The Pacolet River Heritage Trust covers 258 acres and is located near the Pacolet River and Lawson's Fork Creek. Visitors can follow the forest and along the river trails. The property features two ancient soapstone quarries. The Pacolet River Reserve is located to the east of Spartanburg, just off Highway 108 on Goldmine Road.

Peter's Creek Heritage Trust is located three miles above the Pacolet River. The reserve covers 156 acres and has 3.6 miles of trails through forests and streams. A trail takes visitors to the 100-year-old Martin Mill Dam. In the late 1800s, there was a factory building on the site. The reserve is located near the intersection of Gossett Road and Kelly Road north of Spartanburg.

SPACE also protects many of the smaller easements along other streams in the area. The Spartanburg Nature Reserve cooperates with other nature reserves, including the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Nature Reserve. They are members of the Land Trust Alliance, a national organization representing 1,600 land trusts in the United States.