Comment – Murder in the Marine Forest

Robert "Diggers" Cartwright, Maritime Forest Murder, 2006, ISBN 1425707696

This is a mystery of murder in South Carolina during World War II. This is a better couple who will never get married between husband and wife.

Terence and Faye Underwood take the train to the Ocean Forest, a very high-end resort on the coast. Faye believes that Terence is a continuous adulter, and despite his constant protests, they are constantly looking for women who have private relationships with them. They are all members of the upper class, so divorce, not to mention loudly arguing in the debates that others may hear; the scandal will be overwhelming.

A few days later, Terence went hunting alone, while Faye rode along the beach. A few hours later, the horse returned without her. Led by hotel detective Feltus le Bon, a hard search along the beach. Faye's red scarf and some blood were found near a quicksand. The next day, Terence was forced to show Fetus his exact hunting location. It turns out that it is only a few yards away from the quicksand. For Terence, it would be easy to shoot Feyer with the gun he carried and then throw her into the quicksand, so that he has more illegal things to deal with. The next morning, things got more complicated, when Fetus took a wanted order at Terence and found him murdered in bed.

After further investigation, Fetus focused on Pastor Cooper, a pastor who engaged in illegal activities, the old blind Elizabeth Bascomb, and Lord Ashbourne from England. Madame, all of these have good reasons to die for Terence Underwood. Feltus tried several ways to increase the pressure and hoped that the guilty party could break down. Although all of this is going on, the area has been hit by a hurricane.

This is indeed a good mystery, but I think it is going too slowly. The first death did not occur until halfway through the book. I understand the author's intentions and fully agree that not all mysteries of murder must develop at an alarming rate. The author certainly knows what he is doing. I think if the first half of the story moves faster than it, I would like it more.