USS Yorktown Day Tour

There is a World War II aircraft carrier in the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. It is the Yorktown. If you have visited the Charleston area or even the southeastern United States, you will enjoy a day trip to explore the Yorktown. I visited a visit a few years ago. I want to take my son and daughter. They like this trip like me.

When visiting Yorktown, be sure to set aside a day. There is also a submarine, destroyer and a Vietnamese fire base at the Yorktown scene. When we visit, we will try to see all three naval vessels and Vietnamese fire bases at the same time. We can solve all the problems, but we are a little anxious. There are too many things to see and there is too much history to watch. If you take the time to understand all the history and read all the display, it will be difficult to cross Yorktown in one day.

The entrance to the Yorktown aircraft carrier is long. This huge grey World War II aircraft carrier emerges from behind the Palmetto tree as you travel along the last corner. This is the most wonderful sight. It’s amazing how big a boat can float! I know that today's flat top is bigger! The next truly amazing attraction is the new Cooper River Bridge, which you will see on the right side of Yorktown.

We spent a whole day exploring the huge tablet platform. On the cockpit deck, there are anti-air deck guns, jets and helicopters, and enjoy stunning views of Charleston Harbour. On the hangar deck are several old World War II aircraft with many historical displays for reading. As you walk down the lower deck, you'll see sleeping areas, cafeterias, mechanic shops, wards, bathrooms and bridges, and many other historic sites.

After exploring under the deck, we returned to the cockpit and began to walk along the tower. Here you will find the communication room, the flight control room, the flight preparation room and the bridge where the captain spends all the time. Completed many steep stairs to climb here! After spending most of the day on the Yorktown, we entered the submarine, passed it, ran to the destroyer, stayed there for a while, and then crossed the fire support base in Vietnam. After a day of climbing the stairs of the Second World War aircraft carrier, you can be sure that there will be a wonderful night soon!