Introduction to England 101

As a writer, my desk seems to be full of messy notes, papers, file folders and edited manuscripts. During my last finishing, I stumbled across a group of 40 strangers, and you really stood in the middle of the back row, with the thatched roof as the backdrop. I am staring at it now, recalling the group of nostalgia with sour and bitterness. They are strangers to me, but after 11 days in England by bus, I remember them deeply.

When I told my father that I wanted to travel to the UK, he said in Yorkshire's heavy accent: "What does Dill want to go there?" The best time is not Mr. Happy, he is low on his motherland. . What I want to answer is: "I want to know if your psychological problem is social or personal," but I am still persistent. I am determined to visit the land of my ancestors one day.

I listed for him many reasons for visiting the UK. The main reason is that in addition to being British through citizenship rather than citizenship, the country has a huge influence on modern culture. From the birthplace of many prominent figures from Shakespeare to Churchill, the country has numerous famous historical names in every field. Just because he is not one of them, there is no reason to make them all sour.

Just like holding an octopus, people have to choose how to approach the UK. You can purchase any number of rail passes at a reasonable price so that you can get on and off at any time. There are many options, from hiking in London to guided bicycle tours, or renting motorcycles and bed and breakfasts. The problem is figuring out which one is best for you. Finally, I chose a guided tour in England, ignoring Wales and Scotland, and I believe both places are great, but they will be extended for another 10 days.

A friend who traveled on the coach recommended it to me. After a while, the reason becomes obvious. The British drove across the road, and after a lifetime of habits of making easy turns here, they suddenly became extremely dangerous. Once you see the narrowness of certain roads, you will appreciate the driving skills of the driver. To make things easier, we have planned your itinerary. On the first day, you will see Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral, live in Plymouth's hotel, depart in the morning to continue to explore Devon and Cornwall, and more.

Please note that travel in the catalog is often [or not even yearly] changed. The tour I decided to participate a year ago is no longer available. I settled in England on the 11th. The coach will leave London and rotate clockwise along the country, stopping in quaint villages and towns along the way. The footsteps are listed as "busy" trips, and the code indicates that it is not completely laid back. Sometimes, when we stop, we only have time to buy coffee, use the restroom, and then return to the bus. Slower speed means you will be able to spend more time at each site, but it also means you can accommodate fewer sites in the same time period. So if you stop at Bletchley Park on a “busy” tour, it's best to know the subtractive encryption in 20 seconds, otherwise you will return to Germany, and there is no complete paint on the German Enigma machine. Design your own tour like this; if you are interested, you can stop as you wish.

The coaching trip can be considered an "Introduction to England 101". They provide you with an overview and you can decide the purpose of your next visit as you wish. Another good thing about England is that they speak English there. Ok, they are outside of London. In London, it is difficult to find other British people other than the Queen. In fact, in England, in addition to the guy dressed as a medieval falcon and your guide, you may find it hard to find any real Briton. The wonderful PBS programs like Downton Abby and Upstairs Downstairs are fake, reflecting the nostalgia and non-existence of the UK. In a sense, this is what the coaching journey is all about.

You will see that England exports lower ranks, such as Schofields, who have not given up the class system and need to introduce a new servant and coal miners from the colony. That is where all foreigners adapt. Every waiter, hotel concierge, room cleaning staff you meet is from abroad, and few people speak this language. The first clue should be the African customs agent. He said to me with a heavy French accent: "Are you a hare? Have you been to Uzda dolphins?" I thought that the Bloo-dee terrorists were at me. When I fell asleep, I have already moved to the Middle East! I was drove to a hotel by a Russian, and he answered all my questions with an incomprehensible answer. The Egyptian concierge received our colonizer, the Polish room cleaner didn't understand that I wanted her to leave the room, the Serbian maid d' pointed to the buffet and made a strong gesture – "eat!" He said: "Twelve o'clock – eat! "Ah, happy old England!"

A buffet-style breakfast is available in all hotels. I have heard that if you want to eat well in the UK, you have to eat three breakfasts a day. The British killed the food with a hammer and then boiled it for a day to remove the remaining food. When you travel around the world, please note that there are no British restaurants and only a few Scottish restaurants [McDonald's]. Enjoy the buffet, this is the best buffet and is included in the price.

The trip was very reasonable and the price was $2,200, which allowed us to stay in a good mid-level hotel. Please note that in the US or Canada, a four-star UK hotel may be a three-star hotel. After my coaching trip, I stayed for two days of diving, although below the level of the motel, but got a three-star rating. Our prison accommodation is better. The paint in the single room peeled off from the ceiling, leaving a weird red spot on the wall for $250 per night. I'm sure there are better options, but the next day I went to the Oxford University and Imperial War Museum where I planned to go.

After leaving London, this visit was great. We stopped at Salisbury Cathedral and saw a copy of Magna Carter. Our team of lawyers said it was worth it. The lawyer must be Toastmasters in essence; every time he speaks to me, I feel that he is accompanying the sleeping juror, his voice is loud and slow, and all three counties are listening. We took a boat trip to Plymouth Harbour and saw the steps of the first settlers of the New World to set off on the Mayflower.

We visited some of the quaint towns on the Cornish coast, especially the hometown of Arthur's home, Tintagel, and a peculiar cliff-side fishing village, Clovelly, where the donkeys still get on and off the steep cobblestone roads. The retired judge from South Carolina had his knees on his pants when he fell. We visited Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, an ancient Roman village and Chester, a quaint narrow Elizabethan town with both sides In the house of the dynasty, our talented tour guide helped us understand the history of the street bathroom. Due to his long discussion time, I almost contributed. In an old hotel in Stratford, the direction to my room is "Upper stairs, turn left, next stairs, pay attention to the head, then go up the stairs to the right." You have developed Bill Bryson's English accent. You answer "cheers" or "so good."

Next up is Liverpool, this is a surprise, because that is not the city I want. I lived here when I was a child, and I have heard many stories about its poor living conditions. It was also the second most important port at the time. Fans of the Beatles will be able to visit the Cavern Club, Penny Lane and related homes. This excites a young lady in Texas who bought her trip for her 19th birthday. She not only knows more about the guides at the No. 4 fab. Liverpool is now quite modern, and it is also home to the famous white star line headquarters of Titanic. I bought a cup of coffee from Liverpool, but his English is not as good as the Russians in Devon, so I gave up the request for milk and sugar and took away the things handed to me. Please note that the average coffee price is £2, which is approximately $3.75. Think this is a visit to another planet, you will be fine, don't try to make it all make sense. "Put a shooha ova da meat, mayeet. Tower." He said, then you give him money. Smiles everywhere. Until you drink coffee.

From there we went to the Lake District and took a boat trip to the ten-mile-long Lake Windermere, England's largest lake. The hometown of many contemplative British writers and poets makes me laugh because we have thousands of lakes and a larger area. They made us obsessed by poets.

Next, head to the city's treasure york. We had dinner at a private estate, and a wealthy couple kindly served our forty people. It was at this dinner that two ladies from Singapore asked: “How long do you have to marry a Canadian to get half of the property?” A year later, both of them laughed.

The last stop on our trip was Cambridge University and King's College. I found a store selling outdated military surpluses, including grenade corps robes and bearskins. Street vendors sell punts on the River Cam, a famous punt that uses poles to propel boats. Oh, yes, there are many girls wearing fragile bicycles! Sorry, I can't leave a doctoral degree or two.

I was a loyal supporter of the Inspector inspector and added a trip to Oxford after the coaching trip. I want to visit a university town. Three people are murdered every week, many of whom are scholars. I also want to be able to tell people "I went to Oxford" and are happy with the wrong conclusions they have drawn. I sat on a bench beside the Thames and chatted with an older couple who met the original creator of Morse Inspector, Colin Dexter.

On the last day of England, I visited the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth and took the subway to the south side of the Thames. Since the age of 15, the Second World War has evoked my eternal interest. The museum was originally smaller and busier than I thought. One day was enough to cover the exhibits, but I suspect that I could have spent the rest of my life in the library upstairs.

I have an uncle who was killed in the pilot battle. I want to know if he is one of the "minorities" that Churchill mentioned in his famous speech. The librarian said that the military archives are now in Kew, but since I have to fly home the next morning, it is another journey.

If you are looking for a pleasant and safe trip, I highly recommend the coach to recommend England. If you are British – then what are you waiting for! No, in England, not everyone is as miserable as Dear Old Mr. Happy.