Palmetto Trail in Newbury County, South Carolina

The Palmetto Trail is a 425-mile South Carolina Recreational Trail that eventually connects the mountains to the ocean. Upon completion, this trail will begin at Orconi State Park in Upper State and end on the coast north of Charleston. The Palmetto Trail will be a multi-purpose trail designed for hikers, cyclists and equestrian enthusiasts. The network of other paths will branch from it. About 2/3 of the trails are complete and open to the public. Currently, Newberry County has access to three parts of the trail.
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The biggest trail opened in Newberry County is the Enoree Passage. This 36-mile section runs through the Sumter National Forest. The Enoree Passage is a small road that runs through hardwood forests and pine ridges. It passes through two main creeks, the Gildes River and the Indian and Enno Rivers. The 80-foot viaduct on the river offers great views.
This trail also passes through three small fishing lakes: Lake Macedonia, Lake John Creek and Lake Sedalia. Hikers can follow wildlife trails such as deer, wild turkeys and other birds. There is also a beaver pond along the trail. The Enoree Pass is connected to the Buncombe Horse Trail and shares the trail ten miles. The northern end of the section is in the Sedalia camp in Union County and the south end is on Franklin Road in Newbury County.
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Another part of the Newbury County Palmetto Trail is the Lynch Forest Passage on the outskirts of Newbury. This average three-mile trail passes through Lynch Forest Park. Lynch's Woods is a lovely mountain forest with torch pine, tulip poplar, pecan and white oak. The other trails in the park are open to hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians.
The third part of the Newbury County Palmetto Trail is the peak to the prosperity channel. The first phase was a 6.5-mile road that was opened in 2009. It can be reached a few miles east of Newberry in Pomaria and directly to the town of Alston in Fairfield County. This unique trail is a railroad trail on the right side of the road purchased from the Norfolk Southern Railway Company.
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This is a scenic hike, with 14 wooden trestles across Crims Creek and 1,100-foot bridges across Broad River for spectacular views. The second phase of the tunnel will eventually include an additional 4.5 miles of rail trails.
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Many people regularly enjoy the opportunity to exercise and entertain along different parts of the Palmetto Trail. Residents and tourists in Newbury County are eagerly awaiting the completion of the rest of the trail.