Family-friendly hotels in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a coastal community in South Carolina and one of the world's top golf resorts. If you plan a golf holiday and want to include the whole family, then you will find many family-friendly hotels that offer a variety of options for your entire family. Stay and stay at Myrtle Beach is not to be missed.

Barefoot Villa is one of the most acclaimed golf-side villas for your family holiday. It overlooks the scenic golf course and offers a variety of amenities. This resort has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, enough for the whole family to enjoy and have their own space. These units also have a fully equipped kitchen, washing machine and dryer. Most importantly, families like to wash clothes and eat with their children. There are shuttles to beach huts, swimming pools, cooking areas, tennis courts, basketball courts and volleyball courts, as well as access to the four championship golf courses in the area. For the family, this is a great place to have fun and relax, but still be central to golf.

Another option for golfside is the World Tour's big villa. This resort has one, two, three and four bedroom apartments that are perfect for families of all sizes. Each unit also features a gourmet kitchen with views of the golf course and surrounding scenery. This is a full-service resort so you can enjoy the privacy of your apartment but enjoy the convenience of a full resort. Your family will be able to relax in privacy, but still enjoy the resort-style experience and surrounded by beautiful golf courses.

Your family has more accommodation options near the golf course near Myrtle Beach Golf Resort. You can be in the heart of all golf, but still have a holiday that is fun for the whole family. In fact, no matter what your family size, budget or golfing preferences, you can almost find what you need. Choosing this golf capital must provide one of the many golf-side accommodations for your family, making your stay in Myrtle Beach a reminiscent of a family vacation.